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About Tend-2
What does Tend-2 do?

Tend-2 redefines the approach to managing the after-effects of drinking.

Instead of relying on age-old remedies, our formula is the culmination of extensive research and innovation, offering a modern solution for those who enjoy a drink but value their health and wellbeing.

Our formula targets the metabolic pathway of alcohol degradation, focusing primarily on the efficient breakdown of acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolite of ethanol that contributes significantly to alcohol related symptoms.

Incorporating ingredients like DHM (Dihydromyricetin) which enhances the activity of enzymes responsible for breaking down alcohol and acetaldehyde, Tend-2 helps accelerate the detoxification process. Additionally, compounds such as Milk Thistle and N-acetylcysteine support liver health and function, further aiding in the detox process. B-vitamins in our blend replenish nutrients depleted during alcohol consumption, supporting energy production and cognitive function.

With a meticulously selected blend of 34 active ingredients, Tend-2 doesn't just target hangover symptoms; it supports liver health, sleep, cognition, nutritional balance, and overall wellness. Each ingredient is chosen for its specific role in optimising your body's response to alcohol, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

What's inside Tend-2?

All killer, no filler — We use only the best ingredients that are manufactured locally to a pharmaceutical grade. 

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No fillers or binders
How many years did the formulation phase take? 

Our formulation phase took 3 years before it was up to the Tend-2 standard. 

Are the hangover kits suitable for men too?

100% yes. 

What other health benefits does Tend-2 have? 

Apart from relief from hangover symptoms, our capsules can provide up to 14 additional health and wellbeing, liver health and nutritional benefits. 

Read more here.

When and how do I take the capsules? 

It's simple. Take 2 pre-drinking capsules with water before you start to drink alcohol and 2 post-drinking capsules with water after drinking alcohol.

Can I have the post-drinking capsules the following day?

While it's perfectly fine to have the post-drinking capsules the following day, the benefits and effects of Tend-2 will not be as apparent. 

This will only be achieved if the post-drinking capsules are consumed once you've called it a night or before you go to bed.

Remember: White before red, red before bed.

Where are your products made? 

All products are proudly formulated and made in Australia.

Is Tend-2 Australian made and owned? 

Absolutely! Tend-2 is 100% Australian owned and made.

How should I store the product? 

No different to how you store all your other medicinal products! We suggest storing them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and under 25 degrees. 

How do I become a distributor? 

We love teaming up with retail stockists, our product is one of a kind so your customers will love it! Please email josh@tend2.com.au for all wholesale enquires.

How do I log into my account?

You can login to our subscriber portal here.

Otherwise it's located in the footer of our site or the human icon in the header.

How do I manage my subscription?

Easily manage your subscription by logging into your account. Here, you can adjust delivery schedules, change order dates, add product or pause/cancel as needed. All the control you need is just a click away.

Login here.

Need help? Our team is here for you.

How do I change my order date?

Want your order sooner or need to delay it? No worries at all. You can easily adjust your next order date by simply logging into your account.

Can I change my delivery frequency?

Most of our customers enjoy Tend-2 regularly, so our subscriptions automatically renew every 30 days.

We recognise everyone's needs are different, so if you prefer getting your Tend-2 every 4, 6, or 8 weeks, you can easily modify your delivery schedule by logging into your account.

If none of those frequencies suit you, you can further tailor it to your needs in our subscriber portal.

Is Tend-2 vegan?

Yes our product is vegan.

Do the capsules contain gluten? 

We are gluten-free.

However, 3 ingredients found in our formula are derived from corn and unfortunately we can't know for sure if they were processed in a facility that had gluten present.

What are the ingredients? 

There is a combined 34 active ingredients in each dose. Read all about it and what each ingredient does for you here.

Shipping + Returns
How long does shipping take? 

We aim to process within 1-2 full business days and have the items delivered to you as follows: Estimated delivery times (business days).

Australia Post has advised that they are currently experiencing shipping delays throughout Australia. They are working to have all parcels delivered as quickly as possible.

Parcel Post: 3-6 business days

Express Shipping: 1-2 business days 

What is your refund policy?

Read our full refund policy here.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Australia and New Zealand.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Victoria, Australia.

New countries coming soon...

What's your 30 day money-back guarantee?

Shop with peace of mind knowing we’ve got your back. We get it, everyone is different and there are many variables which can impact your recovery, so if you expected more from Tend-2 then please hit us up and we'll offer a full refund on your order* T&Cs apply. 

What is the TGA and ARTG?

In Australia we have The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which is a government body that assesses all medicinal products for their safety, quality and effectiveness. Each indication and ingredient is independently reviewed by a regulatory agent. 

Our product can be verified on the ARTG via the code AUST L 419830.

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