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  • I was at a four day festival over New Years, and had these pills before and after each day we went for it. I didn't have one hangover the whole time. And for the COST, worth a try on every level. How much do you put on your hangover?

  • Less brain fog, fatigue and nausea the next day compared with not using. Much better sleep the night of too. I have tried quite a few times now under different circumstances and results have been pretty consistent each time.

  • Tend-2 has actually helped a lot when having a couple of drinks. Beer, cocktails, and wine, which usually makes the following day absolutely horrendous.

  • Survived the Xmas period because of Tend-2. No nasty headache or morning after nausea. I've already bought my next batch to help me through birthday celebrations and upcoming holidays.

  • I was not expecting this to work at all however, i was so wrong. I'm a pretty skeptical person and when one of my friends told me about a pill, my immediate thought was oh cool multivitamins never tried that before and shrugged it off. But it genuinely works.

  • This actually works. I was so sus about it but I didn’t have any hangover other than tiredness from not sleeping.